Game Changing FIGS Scrubs

I have been searching for comfortable and in style scrubs for months. While on Instagram, I stumbled upon a FIGS scrubs. It is made with ANTIMICROBIAL fabric, who knew such a thing existed. Imagine the amount of hospital acquired infections your reducing. That’s a win-win situation. I always bring a change of clothes to work to change into after work so I don’t bring any of the germ, blood, urine and everything else I happened to pick up, home. Since buying my new scrubs, I haven’t been changing out of my work clothes at work. Don’t get me wrong, I still do not go around town with my scrubs on, but I get home a lot faster now.

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WINNERS: You guys! The comments were so good we couldn’t choose one! Congrats to the following duos: @maggie_snow + @jami_nelson13; @kathbhill + @lexistew; @paetongaspard + @annakathrynhughes and @jen.liz.klein + her big brother AND nurse @_notcalvinklein_ YOU ALL WIN. DM us or we will DM you Monday to get your FIGS orders placed! Every day may not be a walk in the park, but, when you’ve got someone to walk with – they sure are better! 👭 Tell someone that gets you through the day how much you appreciate them and you BOTH might win a FREE set of FIGS. Because, friendship. #giveaway #dreamteam #partnersincrime #scrubs #nurselife #paschool #nursingschool #medschool #dentalschool #residency #dermlife #vetlife #wearFIGS

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FIG scrubs is on the pricier side of health professional apparel, so I invested on a scrub top and bottom. I wore it to work the day after it arrived, and I have fell in love with these scrubs. I will wash them as soon as I get home to wear the next day ( I am sure that doing this will mean these scrubs will get worn out faster). I feel like it;s “international sweatpants day” everyday at work. I have invested in 2 more sets of scrubs and a sweater made by them. This is game-changing, I am not sure If I can get back to wearing plain scrubs again.