Is The Nursing Profession For Me?

Do you have what it takes to be a nurse?    Empathetic, Leader, Advocate…

I have asked my self this question before deciding to attend nursing school, during, and continue to ask my self this question as a nurse. Hate to break it to you but nursing is tough. Your dealing with death, life, doctors, angry patients and family, and a lot of paperwork. You constantly hear about protecting your licence. This is the reality of nursing.  With that being said there are amazing aspects of this career, that keep you going in a career of ups and downs.

A friend of mine who is currently thinking of going back to school due to her feeling duped about the profession. She struggled to find a job upon graduating university. When she did find a job, it was on a unit that she was not interested in at all. She was dealing with trachs, g-tubes, enteral feeding, and a lot of medical treatments she was not comfortable working with due to the lack of training she felt she had received. She has stuck with this job she hates and thinks all nursing jobs are like the one she is in currently.

Nursing has so many specialties, its a career you can find your niche in. Before graduating school there was a book a borrowed from the library with a list of specialties in nursing. Before quitting this rewarding career do some research, you may find a nursing job that pops out to you.